• Hi Gorgeous!

    At Moxie Glam Photography Studio they believe there’s a little moxie in each and every one of us, and it's their privilege to capture their clients’ “vigor, confidence & spirit” in portraits that suit their individual style and flair. From Boudoir to Avant-Garde, they’re here to help put each clients moxie on display.
    What they do is art, and the client is the Masterpiece!

    Enjoy a little fun and pampering…time spent with Moxie Glam is much more than a photo shoot, it’s an Experience! Their focus is on ensuring their clients have a great time making beautiful images, in an environment that is safe, comfortable, and where they feel stunning. Prior to every Moxie Glam Experience, clients have an opportunity to share their vision and samples of images they’re inspired by. They will be given ideas and posing directions for tasteful photographs that will look like they came directly from fashion ads or a high-end glamour magazine. Every Moxie Glam Experience begins with champagne, music and professional makeup and hair styling provided by a certified artist; making you feel every bit like a supermodel!