Enjoy a day of fun and pampering. Your time with Moxie Glam is much more than a photo shoot, it’s an experience! We want you to have a great time making beautiful images, in a luxurious environment that is safe, comfortable, and where you feel stunning. You will be given ideas and posing directions for tasteful photographs that will look like they came directly from fashion ads or a high-end glamour magazine. With makeup and hair styling provided by a professional artist, you will feel every bit like a supermodel!

You will look spectacular in our photographs! Many of our clients express concern that their body doesn’t look like the girls on our website. We do not have any models on the website and each of them had the same concerns. Boudoir is truly for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. We know how to make you look your best. We celebrate and capture the beauty in each one of our subjects. Our job is to make you proud of the images we create and to ensure they reflect just how exquisite you truly are!

A Moxie Glam boudoir session is a fantastic way to celebrate the milestones of your life,to create memorable gifts for a loved one or just to truly see and appreciate the beautiful woman that you are.

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Owner and Photographer

My name is Kimberli and I have been a photographer for over 20 years now. In reflection on my career as a professional photographer, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I am honored to have won all of the awards and to have had my work featured in several magazines. That is great stuff but what really motivates me are the people I get to shoot. I am most grateful for the opportunity to have met all the amazing women I have had the opportunity to photograph over the years. It never feels like work for me, I always feel like I have made a new friend because we have so much fun! Career wise, nothing is more satisfying then helping a fellow mom or young lady feel beautiful and vibrant again. This experience will change the way to feel about yourself….in a positive way….forever….and you will have beautiful images to cherish for a lifetime! Together we are going to create amazingly beautiful images that will be the best gift you give to yourself EVER….or to your loved one.






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