Oh wow. Just wow. I can’t help but recommended Moxie Glam to every single woman on this planet. NOT an understatement. My experience was such a confidence builder, and I cannot imagine having done it with anyone else but Patricia and Noel. Noel’s makeup was on point and she made my hair into a GORGEOUS tousled morning-after look with plenty of volume and sexiness. Loved it! ^^ And Patricia, who took the photographs, was AMAZING. I spent the majority of my time with her and was SO impressed by her professionalism, creativity, and fun personality. She made what could have been awkward and embarrassing into a glamorously exciting, empowering experience. I thought about it for days after, and the feeling of confidence stuck with me up till now (a week after). I attribute it all to Patricia and her work! I want to thank both of these ladies and the Moxie Glam Studios. What a great contribution to give to the world. Empowering others with confidence in themselves and their bodies.

Kerynza G.


I did a shoot last month and could not be more pleased. I was super nervous and didn’t know what to expect. When I got there, Antoinette and Kimberly walked me through what to expect to ease my nerves … and then brainstormed with me on what type of shots we were after. I felt like they really took the time to understand what kind of pictures I wanted to leave with. It was so much fun being pampered with hair and makeup and Antoinette was on hand during the entire shoot for touch ups or just to move my crazy curly hair out of my face! 🙂

The experience took the fear out of doing a boudoir shoot so I feel so much more confident going back for more! It was really a great day and the ladies really put me at ease and made me feel sexy and beautiful. The pics look great and I’m amazed that it is me. 🙂

Thank you Moxie Glam!

Lorraine P


This was my first professional photoshoot and all i can say is i’m glad i chose Moxie Glam! The studio is absolutely adorable and the ladies are SO nice. They offered me chamapange, water and snacks to ease me during the hair and makeup process. My makeup looked amazing and during the actual shoot, I was at complete ease. I had so much fun and I can’t wait to see how my pictures will turn out! thank you Moxie Glam!

Jeannie B


Moxie Glam Is a unique photography studio that offers you so much more than just a picture. This is an experience every person needs to have in their life. When you arrive at the studio with your clothes for the shoot, you are greeted with genuinely happy people. They love what they do and seem excited for you. So you arrive, your clothes are reviewed and the journey begins. After the discussion of your goals is thoroughly discussed the details begin to emerge. Your makeup is done to achieve your goal. Your clean dry hair is styled and the photo set is designed. These ladies make you feel exquisite and help you to relax and make your true inner personality emerge. They put the music on, the perfect lighting and a glass of wine. Now the magic begins.

Allow yourself or a loved one the opportunity to create a photo you will be proud of for all time. I will do this again, I truly felt model like. The ladies know angles to make you look amazing. I felt the pricing was very reasonable too. I’m going back to have some professional shots as well for my career photos. Congratulations Kimberli and Toni I love your style.

Sunni J


If you are looking to spend a day like a Queen, Moxie Glam is the place to go! I was looking to get pictures done for my fiancé and later realized that it wasn’t just for him, it was for me too! From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted like royalty. “Well Hello Gorgeous” they said, I was taken aback because I had no make up on and looked like a zombie. Kimberli took my bag of goodies while Antoinette asked if I wanted water, soda or a cocktail. It can be intimidating being in your underwear around strangers, so I went with the cocktail to help loosen me up and relax. I highly recommend the Moxie Martini! While Antoinette was doing my make up, I was on the iPad scrolling through pictures looking for pose ideas. This was very helpful! After I was beautified with hair and makeup we headed over to the studio area, which is stunning! Kimberli started to take pictures and I stood there like a deer in headlights. But then Antoinette started to guide me on what poses to do, referencing from the photos that I liked earlier. After 15 minutes or so I was so comfortable and was doing it all on my own. They made me feel like I was a supermodel at a professional photo shoot. I had such a great time and I would recommended Moxie Glam to everyone I know. They have an amazing referral program, I already referred my best friend and have many more to come. The best part is that the pictures came out AMAZING! I bought one of the packages and got an 8x10, cd of pictures and a fabulous book. I love Moxie Glam!

Nicole M


Moxie Glam offers you an amazing experience that results in spectacular photos. When my 16 year old daughter needed a head shot, we decided it would be fun to find a place that could “do it all” Hair, make-up as well as offer great and hopefully unique photos. My daughter has been working on creating a website and hoped to get some fun photo’s to use for it as well as a professional head shot. What we got, was an afternoon of making her feel and look like a rock star. Kim and Antoinette are truly gifted at what they do and create within their wonderful studio. They are Artists in every sense of the word. The only downside is having to choose from so many amazing photos! I can’t rave enough about Moxie Glam and feel that the experience they provide is as fabulous as the photo’s you go home with. I would give them 10 stars if I could.

Momo T


I have never done a photoshoot like this before I was worried and scared I wouldn’t like it or comfortable enough to the shoot, I am not a size 0 and my photos don’t always look flattering, but oh my goodness I am so glad I did it. The ladies made me so comfortable and made me feel like I was the center of attention. My pictures came out so great and were beautifully done, I couldn’t stop posing, smiling and laughing during the shoot. I can’t wait to go back for some Father’s Day photos for my boyfriend. I took some clothes I had in my closet which worked ok, but now I am excited to go shopping and buy some new and sexy outfits. They cover the hair and make u which was so beautifully done after I was done taking my pictures my boyfriend and I went out to dinner.

Stephanie E


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